Too all the boys I loved before – Part 2

I refuse to start this post by saying *spoiler alert* ’cause if you’re thinking there’s a major twist on the second book like Lana Jean goes to the army to save Peter, who now only has one leg, and they struggle to cross the border together after a series of dramatic events you are even more of a lunatic than I am!

Seriously, guys. Nothing really happens. Again. Except, this time not even cute-letters-going-around happen. The movie is suppose to portrait a “real” relationship now. I mean, as real as high school relationships can be.

I get it, I get it… movies are unrealistic and supposed to make us want more from real life. Movies also make people infinitely unsatisfied with their own lives as they seek for perfect relationships that don’t actually exist and that is a potential problem in our society. But, cooooome on! Did Peter Kavinsky really HAVE TO turn out so ordinary? This is the guy that in the first movie made all of us question our marriages because our husbands were clearly not Peter enough! And now he is just… meh.

In fact, the whole movie, to me, was kinda meh. But fortunately, one thing remains perfect: Lana Jean’s bedroom!

I love colorful teenage rooms so much, I should probably mention it in therapy. The shades of blue and pink just go all around the spectrum in a very wide angle and make me instantly happy. And not just me! YOU TOO! Warm colours actually produce serotonin so you might wanna rethink that off-white stuff you’ve got going on in your living room if you happen to be struggling with depression.

I mean… they must have spent all the budget for the sets on Lana Jean’s room because the living room turned out pretty ordinary except for the ridiculous amount of blue books they had on the shelf. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover. I can only imagine the work those interns had to do browsing indigo for blue books… and then they had to find pillows and flowers that magically matched the wardrobe. Just like real life.

The first movie had a little story. Super silly, but extremely cute. The other day, I was not feeling well, and I just laid in bed and watched that first movie again. It’s a nice little thing to put on if you wanna fall asleep and just slow down. It felt good. I doubt I’ll ever find a reason to watch the second movie again, except maybe going over this scenes to stare at this gorgeous combination of yellow, bue and red.

Fine… I still might take a peek at the third book of the series before the third movie comes out (if it does) ’cause even though it’s not my favorite, I just can’t hate it.

Oh! And yes, I did notice Maddie as a cheerleader!

Jesus Christ, I have the mind of a 16 year old…

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